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Casino computer games are the best way to learn to play without losing money through gambling and you can always sign up for the game later, when your skills have developed and you can play against online opponents even for cash. The 3D Arcade Games Pack has 5 very popular games within the package, all of which are available in 3D and promise hours of fun.

The 3D Arcade Games Pack is available for the PC working under any Windows OS and needs decent graphics acceleration to properly render the 3D features. You can play Tetris and Minesweeper in 3D with excellent graphics and sounds.

The download is free and available for use at any time as the 3D Arcade Games Pack develops the skills and abilities of true gamblers, if they so desire. The software also makes Windows games more appealing thanks to the added dimension.

Our collection features 3D arcade games that are available for free. It includes 5 of the most famous classic games: Tetris, Minesweeper, Color Lines, Columns and SwapIt.

This collection is a great remake of the popular arcade games with amazing 3D graphics, real-time animation and photorealistic environment. In some games, such as SwapIt, the gameplay expands upon the classic concepts with new and innovative elements that make the games a lot more interesting.

The games collection is absolutely free to play; there is no trial period. Download and enjoy!

System Requirements:

Windows XP / Vista, 3D graphics accelerator card

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InstallFrogGamer.exe html 0.00B 2.77 N/A Windows Download
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